Roberta was an excellent coach for me at a time when my business needed to grow in order to support my clients effectively. She was on target with her coaching and my business doubled in the time we worked together.

Roberta has helped me out of some tight spots. No matter what I’ve come to her with, she’s provided me with ideas and suggestions. While her knowledge of assessessment is excellent, her knowledge of how to keep clients happy is her ‘wow’ factor.

“There are only a handful of people I trust to consult and coach me in my business, and Roberta is one of them! I respect her depth of knowledge, intuition and ‘kickbutt’ attitude. She doesn’t let me get away with ‘excuses’ yet is emphatic and understanding. I know that the success of has something to do with Roberta being in my circle of professional advisors and friends!”

Roberta provides help above and beyond the call of duty. She has offered new opportunities and advice, even when her recommendations were the best option for me, and without benefit to her. She exhibits a level of integrity that seems rare among business people these days.